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PAA-S Alüminium Blade Axial Fan

Alüminium Blade Axial Fan
PAA-S Alüminium Blade Axial Fan - 1
PAA-S Alüminium Blade Axial Fan - 2

PAA-S Alüminium Blade Axial Fan

Product Description

Q : 3.150 – 96.500 m³/h (Min. – Max.)

Axial Flow Wall/Window Type Fans.

Directly Coupled Motor.

Impeller Is Manufactured From Cast Aluminium Blade.

Hub Is Made By Cast Aluminium.

Single Flanged Ducting Drum.

Rigid Construction In Sheet Metal.

Usage Areas; Smoke exhaust, suction of dusty and wet air in the foundries, cement factories, paper factories and joinery works, building ventilation and for heater and refrigerators.

Case Dimensions

Fan Capacity Values and Capacity - Aluminium Bladed

Performance Curve

Fan Capacity Values - Aluminium Bladed

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