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Fan Groups

Low Pressure Radial Fans

These fans are in group of forward-curved (FC) blade fans. FC fan blades lean towards the rotation of the impeller. These fan give large amounts of air flow at low static pressures. However these fans work at the lower efficiencies.

Medium Pressure Radial Fans

These fans are in group of backward-inclined (BI) and backward-curved (BC) blade fans. These type fans blades lean backwards the rotation of the impeller. This fan’s performance characterized by high-efficiency, rigid construction and conformity to middle and high static pressures.

High Pressure Radial Fans

This product is named as pressure blower and in group of radial-blade fans. These type fans’ blades are aligned radially on back plate of impeller. These fans are used for high pressures and relatively small air volumes.

Axial Aspirators

These are axial flow wall fans, duct fans and window fans. Axial fans transport big volumes of air with low pressures. 

Roof Fans

Centrifugal roof fans and axial roof fans are used for environments where air changes are necessary to keep to room ventilated and suction of vitiated air, flue gases and vapour.

Cabinet Box Fans

Casing fans are used for suction of vitiated air from closed room or discharge fresh air to a closed room. They can be used all ventilation systems and places where noise level is important.

Duct Type Fans

Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas, chemical, textil industries, printing works and all ventilation systems where fitting into small volumes is important.

Mobile Filtration Systems

Mobile filtration system has radial bladed impeller with an open front. İt has one top filter bag, one bottom collection bag. Mobile machine on four castors.

Custom Manufactured Fans

In the light of our years of experience, our company, which is sensitive to customer expectations, prioritizes quality, and adopts the principle of respecting business ethics and ethical beliefs, has the experience and R&D power to develop all kinds of special production fans in line.

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