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PE-MGS Low Pressure Radial Fan

Low Pressure Radial Fan
PE-MGS Low Pressure Radial Fan - 1
PE-MGS Low Pressure Radial Fan - 2

PE-MGS Low Pressure Radial Fan

Product Description

These fans are in group of backward-curved (BC) blade fans. These type fans’ blades lean backwards the rotation of the impeller. This fan’s performance characterized by high-efficiency, large air flow, rigid construction.

Q : 3.500 – 54.500 m³/h (Min. – Max.)

Pt : 40 – 265 mmss (Min. – Max.)

Low Pressure Radial Fan

Directly Coupled Motor.

Backward-Curved (BC) Blade Fans.

Revolvable Fan Case.

On Demand, Special Stainless Steel Manufacturing Is Available

Usage Areas; Suction of clean or slightly dusty air, civil and industrial air conditioning systems. Some of the usage area are those, ventilation of stables, mines and tunnels, suction of vitiated air, welding fumes, vapours from solvent tanks and spraying boo[1]ths, drying of fodder, cereals, papers, varnishes, wood, elimination of fumes and toxic gas.

Discharge Positions

Fan Capacity Values

Case Dimensions

Fan Case Dimensions

Performance Curve

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