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PE-M Low Pressure Radial Fan

Low Pressure Radial Fan
PE-M Low Pressure Radial Fan - 1
PE-M Low Pressure Radial Fan - 2
PE-M Low Pressure Radial Fan - 3

PE-M Low Pressure Radial Fan

Product Description

These fans are in group of forward-curved (FC) blade fans. FC fan blades lean towards the rotation of the impeller. These fan give large amounts of air flow at low static pressures. However these fans work at the lower efficiencies.

• Q : 1.500 – 12.000 m³/h (Min. – Max.)

• Pt : 40 – 150 mmss (Min. – Max.)

• Low Pressure Radial Fan

• Directly Coupled Motor

• Forward-Curved (FC) Blade Fans.

• Revolvable Fan Case

Usage Areas; Furnaces, for various heating, ventilating and air-conditioning applications (HVAC), and for the cooling of electronic and other equipment where low operating speeds are desirable to prevent vibration.

On demand, special stainless steel manufacturing is available.

Discharge Positions

Fan Capacity Values

Case Dimensions

Fan Case Dimensions

Performance Curve

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